About Debbie

Thank you for your interest in my very own, Debbie's Down & Dirty, joint and muscle pain relief cream. I've been working on perfecting this formulation (on and off) for over 12 years, always experimenting with different components and testing it on my friends and family. The cream that you will be using is truly a home crafted product developed with love and passion.

I was born in Belize, home to the Mayan civilization who's rain forests are rich in botanical resources.  As a young girl, I watched my Mayan grandmother use these precious plants and herbs to treat many ailments including aches and pain. Fascinated by the use of natural medicine, I decided to follow in my grandmother's footsteps to harness nature's remedies for modern times.

I am the owner of Body Remedy of Miami, a therapeutic and sports massage clinic serving South Florida since 2005. So how did the cream earn its name you ask? My massage therapy work, or "Beat Downs" as my clients lovingly refer to them,  are known for getting "down 'n dirty" with pain. So it was only fitting that the cream be named for the same purpose. Enjoy!